Selasa, 02 Februari 2010

Stay with me, Or watch me bleed,,,

it was 2:45 on Monday first
when your blood was spilled onto the curb.
they came and hurt you
threw you down
until your body lay still on the ground...
nobody looked
nobody cared
you were left there to die
how can that be fair?
the blood that trickled
from your jaw
spilled out and onto road
people walked by
and watched as it flowed...
when someone found you
motionless and limp
they called the cops
but said "there's no need to come quick"
they took you away
and fenced off the site
where not 4 hours prior
you'd been killed in a fight...
thoes responsible were never found
but still to this day
your blood still stains the ground...
and i miss you now
and i always will
you were my love
my one and only...
its been almost 1 years now
and ill never forget you
you'll always be with me
for i know that one day
i'll be back with you...

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